Oklahoma Transportation Center

Date Title Presenters
05/14/2013 Performance-Related Design and Specifications for Chip Seals Y.R.Kim
04/03/2013 First Annual Heartland Transportation Consortium Student Competition See Details http://www.octafx-my.com/demo
02/20/2013 China's Experiences on Highway Engineering S.Li, J.Liu
10/04/2012 2012 ODOT-OkTC Transportation Research Day See Details
09/24/2012 Geotechnical Engineering Practice and Challenges in Transportation Projects CY.Chandran
09/18/2012 Use of High RAP Contents in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements See Details
08/14/2012 A Strategic Travel Demand Management Program for Texas RB.Machemehl www.octafx-my.com/mt4
08/06/2012 OkTC Third Annual Summer Symposium (2012) See Details
07/18/2012 Key Technology for Highway Construction in Yellow River Alluvial Plain of China ZY.Yao
07/18/2012 Long Term Stability of Slope Reinforcement with Pre-Stressed Anchors XG.Song octafx-my.com/mt4
05/15/2012 Practical Application of the Asphalt Performance Model, PANDA, Being Developed under the Asphalt Research Consortium Program D.N.Little
12/1/2011 Report Accessibility Workshop R.Carr,Jr
11/07/2011 Geotechnical Engineering for Transportation Projects with Special Emphasis on Seismic Design A.K.Arulmoli
10/11/2011 2011 ODOT-OkTC Transportation Research Day See Details
9/13/2011 Strategies to Mitigate Excessive Cambers and Deflections in Prestressed Concrete Bridges B.Russell
8/31/2011 2011 East Japan Mega Earthquake and Tsunami: Damage Induced and Lessons Learned O.Aydan
7/31/2011 OkTC Second Annual Summer Symposium See Details
3/18/2011 Seismic Behavior of Piles in Liquefied Soilds for Infrastructural Applications D.Choudhury
3/18/2011 Seismic Response of Pier Foundations of Roadway Bridges P.Ghosh
3/18/2011 S.Y.Mhaske
10/14/2010 2010 ODOT-OkTC Transportation Research Day See Details
2/2/2010 Applications of NDT and Advanced Lab Tests to Premature Pavement Failure Investigations D.H.Chen
10/7/2009 2009 ODOT-OTC Transportation Research Day see details
2/19/2009 The Past, Present and Future of Reinforced Soil Walls R.Bathurst
10/15/2008 2008 ODOT-OTC Transportation Research Day see details
9/3/2008 National Update of Superpave (HMA) Activities L.Gallivan
4/10/2008 Fundamental Asphalt Characteristics in Relation to Pavement Performance S.Huang
10/17/2007 2007 ODOT-OTC Transportation Research Day see details
9/25/2007 Trends and Projections - Where is Transportation Headed? D.Turner
12/8/2006 Smart Wireless Sensors for Next-Generation Civil Infrastructure: Monitoring, Computing and Control J.Lynch
5/17/2006 Economical Steel Bridge Systems A.Azizinamini
4/26/2006 Improving Quality-of-Service in Para-Transit Operations with Technology S.Radhakrishnan
3/10/2006 haracterization and Modeling of Moisture Induced Damage In Asphalt Mixes R.Lytton
11/9/2005 Nanoscale Measurement of Moisture Induced Damage in Asphalt Concrete R.M.Tarefder
11/9/2005 Cracking in Pavements: Laboratory Identification & Modelling Issues T.Scarpas
10/12/2005 Out-sourcing Management & Maintenance of Roads: The New Zealand Experience B.Pidwerbesky
4/15/2005 Advances in Pavement Performance Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing S.Nazarian

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